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STEM Learning Ecosystems

Chart a Course For Success

STEM Learning Ecosystems provide the architecture for learning and access to STEM learning environments. The goal: create and connect STEM rich learning opportunity.

Strong STEM Learning Ecosystems include collaboration with STEM program providers, STEM institutions including museums, science centers, STEM professional associations, the private sector, community based organizations, schools and higher education.

To Chart a Course For Success GreenApple STEM:

  • Powers STEM + Innovation education business opportunity globally
  • Empowers STEM + Innovation learning proficiency globally.

Cultivate Innovative Partnerships

We cultivate innovative partnerships with education organizations, community and nonprofit organizations, STEM education entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

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Empower Tomorrow’s Workforce

We invest in and empower tomorrow’s workforce with Career Professional Skills and Career Technology Skills that open the door to STEM careers.

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Equip Today’s Teachers & STEM Professionals

We support STEM Learning through Professional Development designed to strengthen STEM professional skills and support STEM program development.