What is a STEM Career?

Do STEM careers include the arts?

STEM is so important to our future and the future of our children. STEM Careers are careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, the careers that will be in demand in the future, and grow the economy of tomorrow. When you think STEM careers, you might think of jobs like scientist, engineer, and mathematician. And you would be on track, those are STEM jobs.

But do STEM careers include the arts? Art and design are integral to science and technology learning. Art and Math are combined in fields like Animation, Web Design and Development, 3D Modeling used in VR, video games, animation, and medical imaging. 

Many innovative and cool careers include elements of STEM fields. From illustrators and fashion designers to jewelers, here are a few careers that you might not think of as STEM careers.

Fashion Designer

Do you dream of going on Project Runway and showing off your best creations? Then you dream of a career in STEM.

Designers integrate STEM in the creative process and make use of technology every day. Fiber optics, LEDs and recyclables are just a few of the materials designers might incorporate. Sustainability in fashion is a major consideration going forward. Green tech will be used to recycle old garments to build new fibers. Microcomputers are integrated in wearable tech. Even AI will play a role in modern fashion design.


Another career people don’t link to STEM is Illustrator. Illustrators rely heavily on technology to create their art. Tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and SketchUp are all used by illustrators to design. Computer skills are required to use these powerful tools with tablets and mobile studios. We haven’t even gone in the direction of CAD, Computer Aided Design.

A medical illustrator is a professional artist with specialized training and advanced education in medicine, science, art, design, visual technology and more. Medical illustrations are used in education and building 3D, VR and virtual medical procedures.

We might think of Audubon, but today’s wildlife illustrator requires an understanding of animals, ecosystems, biomechanics and design. A wildlife illustrator may start with field sketches or photographs. The illustrator must understand the environment to locate wildlife and birds in natural settings.


Similar to fashion design, jewelers work with precious metals and gems. Their job often consists of designing, fabricating, repairing and evaluating pieces of jewelry. They are the fashion accessory designers of the jewelry world.

Jewelers use math to design and work with pieces of jewelry. They must know how to source and cut gemstones to certain measurements and sizes. Jewelers must also be knowledgeable in chemistry and geology to fully understand the stones that they are working with. Of course there is also the essential elements of aesthetic design and what is beautiful or meaningful.

Today’s jewelers also consider environmental, social and sustainability issues related to jewelry.

Jewelry design also includes wearable tech; your watch, bracelet or smart alert necklace tracking your stress, steps and sleep.

It is a connected world! These 3 careers we listed are artistic fields but to be successful these careers must understand where do things come from. How are components sourced, shipped and prepared? What is the impact on people and the environment? What technology is used to make and receive payment?

Let’s prepare the innovators of tomorrow!

What is a STEM Career?
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