Time to Start an Online School?

COVID 19 pushes students worldwide to online school.

Online Schools present several advantages. In today’s world, health issues have put a new spotlight on the benefits of learning anytime, anywhere for all ages. Digital content also allows for updates and increased curriculum relevance and customization.

3 Trends driving Online Learning for schools and corporations are:

  1. Changing World of Learning and Work especially related to the employment skills gap.
  2. Competency Based and Self-directed Learning to keep learners engaged and in control of their learning journey.
  3. Making Learning More Accessible. Education has the power to transform. Learning technology should not limit learning opportunity. Online Learning design can empower learners of different abilities to be successful.

These trends have been eclipsed by a need for access to learning online when in person school is not an option. Most recently this is driven by COVID 19.

What are the steps? Let’s start with a few key questions or considerations.

What is your planned Business Model? Do you plan to offer Standalone Courses, or a Comprehensive Academy? Is a Student Membership Model a better option?

What Curriculum do you plan? What Age Groups, grades? Do you plan adult learners? What Topics will you Cover? This can grow over time. Is your Learning Model Blended or Online. Will you offer Tutoring? Will courses be instructor led or self paced?

How will students access the courses?

From a business perspective how will you Market your Online School? Do you have a website? Is you school name available as a URL?

How can Technology Tools assist your successful launch?

The GreenApple STEM Full service solution team will support your Online School launch. Everything from your Online School business model and curriculum to Learning Model and Learning Platform. 

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Time to Start an Online School?
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