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What are Learning Pods?

Learning Pods are small group learning environments formed by parents, communities, schools and school districts.

Learning Pods, as a response to covid, are a new form of schooling to fill the gaps as we all return back to school.

How do Learning Pods Work?

Learning Pods can be live instruction, virtual learning or a combination. Families and schools are forming Learning Pods as a school transition tool which may become a longterm solution. Some school districts plan to implement pod like instruction on a larger scale.

Why do Learning Pods Make Sense?

Learning Pods make sense for a few reasons; parents have concerns about some education models, especially after the strain and inconsistency of spring distance learning. There is a convenience factor for parents coming together and pooling resources for child care and education.

Concern over covid19 exposure to kids and extended families is also a factor.

What are the Benefits of Learning Pods? 

  • Flexibility for parents
  • Customized learning plans for students
  • Opportunity for kids to socialize in their pod
  • Opportunity for personalized academic support.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Learning?

  • Personalized learning
  • Fill the gaps in Learning Pod content
  • Flexibility in time, number of students and format of learning
  • Reduced cost vs in person instruction

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Learning Pod Resources
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