How To Launch Your STEM Camp or Club

Free Planning & Costs Checklist

Have you thought about starting a STEM or STEAM Club. Maybe Summer and Holiday Camps? We actually started our business running STEM programs because we were looking for fun and challenging activities for our own children. 

Are your kids future ready?

We all want to give kids that extra advantage or maybe you want to serve your community and provide opportunity for all kids to learn about STEM. The stats on STEM jobs growth are significant. STEM jobs are the fastest growing category of jobs. In addition STEM jobs pay more.  

STEM Jobs are the Future! According to US News

“Though industry experts can’t come to a consensus on whether there’s currently a shortage or surplus of STEM jobs, if you’re considering a career in any of the 30 jobs on our Best STEM Jobs list for 2019, you might be enticed by their low unemployment rates and increased demand. STEM doesn’t necessarily only involve working in a laboratory or having a fancy degree. Many of the STEM careers on the list are diverse, including jobs like psychologist, software developer, mechanical engineer, actuary, nurse practitioner and mathematician. STEM jobs are often referred to as the jobs of the future, so as this sector continues to grow, take a look at what the STEM industry really looks like.” See 30 jobs on our Best STEM Jobs list for 2019,

All are great reasons to start.

The good news is that it can be done with good planning.

We wanted to share a few of our lessons learned. Yes, we made many mistakes, a few of which became opportunities.

There can be a few key decisions along the way. We have attached a link to request our STEM/STEAM Planning and Costs Checklist so you can start your camp or club. This planning and costs checklist is free of charge.

How To Launch Your STEM Camp or Club
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