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What is the Hour of Code?  

A Few Need to Knows:

  • Hour of Code is a global movement. 
  • Anyone can organize an Hour of Code. 
  • Activities are available year round, though it is celebrated each year during Computer Science Education Week in December.
  • Hour of Code activities and tutorials are available in 45 languages and in more than 180 countries.
  • You do not need to be a coding expert to run an Hour of Code. Tutorials are available. The activities also lead students through the steps.
  • No internet? Unplugged or Hour of Code activities that do not require a computer are available. Students can also use a phone, tablet or computer.
  • Hour of Code tutorials and activities are free!

Why host an Hour of Code or Coding Club?

  • The Hour of Code is easy to run, even for coding beginners.
  • Be part of a global initiative to learn computer science skills.
  • Both kids and adults can learn – Everyone learns!
  • Coding is part of STEM, Science Technology Engineering Math.
  • STEM and STEM jobs are the future with more opportunity and higher wages.
  • Hour of Code inspires collaboration as adults help kids, kids help kids, kids help adults.

What are the benefits of running an Hour of Code or Coding Club?

  • Empower kids to be the creators of technology vs passive consumers.
  • Hour of Code facilitators and kids learn a new skill.
  • Coding Clubs can be the foundation of a digital skills community.
  • It creates intergenerational bonds within a community.
    • Coding Clubs provide an opportunity for community members of different ages to work together to share ideas and solve coding problems. Hour of Code activities are the base.
  • It’s fun!

What do you do in an Hour of Code?

At the core of Hour of Code is the coding projects. From block based languages like Scratch and Blockly to programming with hardware like the micro:bit, there are several dozen free projects for kids (and adults!) to learn, create and collaborate. Topics are extremely varied, almost anything you can think of from technology to conservation, robotics, animation, Minecraft, making a game, making an app, mazes and the moon. Lots to choose from or do more than one.

If internet access is not reliable there are unplugged activities. Kids can use a phone, tablet or computer, any semi smart device.

Many kids already have an interest in computers and programming. Coding is a way of thinking regardless of the coding language. This interest inspires kids to learn new skills and a new way of learning. Hour of Code demonstrates to kids that they have the power to be creators of technology not just consumers. It gives kids the confidence to know, I can do this!

Inspired to join the global community of coders? Starting an Hour of Code or Coding Club is easy: the projects and tutorials are provided, all you need to give is your time and an enthusiasm to learn!

Next Step: Spread the Word and Celebrate Learning New Skills! Interested in Coding Curriculum? Contact GreenApple.


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