Entrepreneurship Not 1 Size Fits All

What type of entrepreneur are you?

When we think of entrepreneurship we often think of startups with revolutionary ideas coming together to fix a problem or develop something new that we didn’t even know we needed.

The good news is that entrepreneurship is not limited to startups. It is not limited to the next technology or app. You could be an entrepreneur!

So entrepreneur or intrapreneur?

You could be an intrapreneur and focus on innovation, creativity and ideas within your organization. Some companies even offer intrapeneurships to encourage people to take the initiative to pursue an innovative product or service within the company.

As a STEM education intrapreneur you could start a Learning Program at your organization or school.

Working as an entrepreneur you could start a Learning Center or form an organization offering afterschool or summer programs.

Entrepreneurship is a journey…one with twists and turns along the way. To be an entrepreneur means different things to different people. Not everyone is a founder; some people prefer to join a late stage startup once it has already figured some things out. Some people prefer to take risk in financing startups rather than operating them, like at a venture capital firm. Others prefer to take initiative within a structured environment like a corporation or large university. But many people are also risk averse and may be excited about how the world is changing but want to ride the wave instead of creating it.

So what type of entrepreneur are you? 

Self Starter  The self-starter is the true founder. When not doing work, the self-starter is brainstorming new projects or skills. This individual is constantly busy but very present in the current task or engagement. If you’ve ever met someone who seems to know a little about almost every topic there is, you’ve probably met a self-starter. Often these people enjoy working with the ideator and delivering on a variety of different ideas.

Who is the Ideator? The Ideator has a knack for coming up with creative ways to approach a problem, getting every idea out there without worrying about what people think. This person is often the first to speak up in a group and is open to suggestions. However, because this person is constantly thinking of new ways to approach a problem, they occasionally have a hard time committing to and delivering a solution. A self starter fills this gap as the ideator’s ideal cofounder.

Adaptor  The adaptor is an entrepreneur who keeps tabs on how technological innovations are running their course. Usually up to date on the newest trends, the adaptor is always ready to make sacrifices for the group and ensure the group is approaching their work in the most efficient way. 

Who works well with the Adaptor? The Collaborator. The collaborator is an individual who works well with the group. An efficient worker, the collaborator is interested in getting things done and usually does not like making changes to the plan along the way. However, alongside the adaptor, the collaborator works well knowing that the team will pursue the most sensible plan to get the work done.

One myth of entrepreneurship is that it is a 1 woman or 1 man show. Success as an entrepreneur and the ability to grow takes a team. Having a great idea is awesome. Working with a team of equally driven people can multiply your success!

What type of STEM Education Entrepreneur are You?

Entrepreneurship Not 1 Size Fits All
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