About Us

GreenApple STEM is an education enrichment organization on the forefront of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) education and a leading provider of STEM Education Business Opportunity globally.

The GreenApple STEM mission is twofold:

  • Power STEM + Innovation education business opportunity
  • Empower STEM + Innovation learning proficiency.

GreenApple STEM powers STEM education by providing the eLearning platform, curriculum, tools, training and support to deliver STEM, Technology, Career Skills and Innovation courses. Our digital platform gives educators, learning coaches and entrepreneurs the ability to bring these courses to their classrooms, camps, after school programs, workshops and organizations anywhere in the world.

Based on more than 21 years of experience, GreenApple STEM courses are designed to empower students of all ages to seize opportunity by becoming STEM proficient.

Technology is changing today’s jobs and creating new jobs never before imagined. The demand for innovative education has never been more important.

GreenApple STEM, Science Technology Engineering Math, + Innovation courses develop curious investigative thinking, incorporate creativity and invite teamwork and collaboration. We strive to develop future innovators by connecting the dots from STEM to Innovation to Entrepreneurship.

We power educators, learning coaches and entrepreneurs to launch their STEM Education Business using GreenApple STEM cutting edge business model and curriculum tools for success.

Join us today to begin a fulfilling and rewarding business in STEM Education!

GreenAppleCampus.org STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship Programming

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